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Wow, it’s tough to find any help or resources when parenting an adult on the autism spectrum. We all do the best we can! But how about if, instead of going it alone, we did it together? Not only will I share with you some of the “quirky things” I’ve needed to adjust to when parenting my adult son, Allen, I’ll also share your own stories and resources.

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We can all use a smile now and then. I hope you’ll find it here as I share stories of downright odd things in my life, such as the time Allen needed a new tire for his car and after spending a week trying to track one down, I found that he had FOUR DIFFERENT SIZE TIRES on his car because, “A tire is a tire, Mom!”

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Since my husband, Allen’s father, died in July of 2019, I’ve tried to help my quirky son come to terms with Ron’s loss. The result has been the “in process” book about Allen’s unique way of mourning his father and accepting the loss. Yes, it’s a bit quirky, but also sweet and faithful. I’ll need a lot of partners as I make my goal of publication a reality!

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Linda Cobourn

Ever since my husband was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I've lived a quirky sort of life. Now a widow, my autistic adult son and I do our best to make sense out of our wacky lives.