Maybe this isn’t the life you thought you’d have. Maybe you’ve had more challenges, had to overcome more obstacles, or been stronger than you ever thought you could be. Then you’re in the right place! God can help you find contentment in your own quirky life.

Welcome to my quirky life!

My mother was a fan of Frank Sinatra and named me Linda after the song. A lot of other mothers liked the song, too, so there were always multiple “Lindas” in my class. But I was the only one with the long and hard-to-spell last name that started with a W.

My life’s always been a bit quirky, starting with a visual disease called keratoconus, a progressive condition that eventually caused me to have three cornea transplants. A shout out, by the way, to those who donate their corneas and give someone like me the gift of sight.

And other quirky things!

My adult life has included the joy of being a Mom to three wonderful kids, the youngest of whom has autism spectrum disorder. I was a spousal caregiver to my husband, Ron, who suffered from bipolar disorder as well as the traumatic physical and mental results of a vehicular accident in March of 2000. Ron died in 2019, and I began a brand new journey as a widow with a disabled son.

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Ever since my husband was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I've lived a quirky sort of life. Now a widow, my autistic adult son and I do our best to make sense out of our wacky lives.